"Hopes and Dreams" by Paul Field - June 2017
This musical by Paul Field comprised a number of songs and individual sketches all based around themes from the Lord's Prayer. The music was a mix of songs by Paul Field and Graham Kendrick. Sketches were by Stephen Deal, and there was also a 'stomp' dance, performed by eight of our members, involving brooms, bins, paintbrushes and hammers, depicting the angels having fun as they cleaned up man's mess!
"Christms Revisited" - December 2016
This was the 10th anniversary concert for WICS, so we included at least one work performed at each of the preceding Christmas concerts, including as many of the choir's favourites as possible, starting with Graham Kendrick's 'Tonight' which opened "The Gift" in 2006 and concluding with Paul Field's 'The Christ in Christmas time' which concluded "Love Transcending in 2015.
"Wildfire" by Roger Jones - June 2016
This musical, the story of Stephen, was the work that led to the formation of WICS, inspiring Paul Herrington to found a Christian choir in Witney after being involved in a production in 2005. We were delighted to welcome Annie Routley from Roger Jones' team to conduct the performances, and this also gave our regular conductor Guy James the opportunity to play the part of Stephen.
"Love Transcending" - December 2015
Again we used a John W Peterson cantata ‘Love Transcending’ for the first half of the concert – including his wonderful version of ‘O holy night’, and the songs in the second half mostly continued the theme of love. However, we started the second half with a full choral version of ‘Bethlehemian Rhapsody’ – a Christmas version of the Queen classic, complete with a theatre and puppets (all built by John Molden). You can watch the performance on YouTube here
"Burning Questions" by Paul Field and Stephen Deal - June 2015
This musical consisted of a series of songs and sketches looking at some topical ‘burning questions’ addressed by a panel in a TV studio. We included some additional songs and sketches from other sources to answer a few extra questions. This time we set John Molden the task of making a combine harvester, in which the farmer (played by Richard Bowler) met his end!
"The Light in the Stable" - December 2014
The first half comprised the cantata ‘A Light in the Stable’ by Alan Bullard, the music for which was probably our most challenging yet. Our second half continued the theme of ‘Light’, starting with the wonderful Haydn anthem ‘The Heavens are Telling’. This concert was recorded and broadcast on Witney Radio on Christmas Eve.
"Mary Magdalene" by Roger Jones - June 2014
This musical involved only four main characters, plus four smaller roles, so was a real challenge to the actors in the choir. The role of Jesus was superbly acted by David Climie, including a very moving and vivid portrayal of the crucifixion. Sarah Nesbitt choreographed a fantastic ‘Demon dance’ for us. We also performed this at Bicester Methodist Church and Christ Church, Abingdon.
"Born a King" - December 2013
The first half comprised the cantata ‘Born a King’ written by John W Peterson, with the songs and sketches in the second half continuing the theme of the kingship of Jesus.
"Here and Now" by Paul Field - June 2013
This musical by Paul Field comprised a number of songs and individual sketches all based around themes from the Sermon on the Mount. A highlight (or perhaps lowlight) was the performance of ‘The Ballad of Black Eye Pete and Gold Tooth Joe’ set in a saloon bar from a Western! Our Props man, John Molden, once again excelled himself. We also performed this at Marcham C of E Church in September 2013.
"Watching and Waiting - December 2012
The first half was taken up with the musical ‘While Shepherds Watched’ by Roger Jones, with the second half comprising the now traditional mix of songs, sketches and children’s items.
"Barleytime" - June 2012
This musical, written by Clare Matthews and Anthony Eddy and originally performed at Wesley Memorial Church, Oxford in 1991, is a dramatisation of the book of Ruth, and involved a cast of 28, including eight children, plus three dancers. It included probably our most fun song ever – ‘Bethlehem at Barleytime’ which involved lots of popcorn! We also performed it again at Bicester Methodist Church in September 2012.
"DREAMING of a HOLY NIGHT" - Christmas 2011
Inspired by a Graham Kendrick album, this concert included items by Graham Kendrick and Michael Card, sketches and readings, as well as more traditional Christnas music.
It was Guy James' first concert in charge as Musical Director.
"Snakes and Ladders" by Roger Jones - June 2011
Probably our most complex production yet! "Snakes and Ladders" is the story of God's dealings with His people from Creation to Resurrection, faithful through all the ups (Ladders) and downs (Snakes).
This was Paul Herrington's last concert as Musical Director of WICS.
"Nativity News" - December 2010
The first half included a short cantata 'Nativity News' written by Gerard Brooks, which involved over twenty children, including a group from Ducklington School; the second half was a variety of Christmas music encompassing both Handel's 'Messiah' and 'Mistletoe and Wine'!
"Another Brick in the Wall" - June 2010
This was a dramatisation of the story of Nehemiah, and had fist been sritten for St. Aldate's Church, Oxford in the 1980s. It included the gradual construction of a wall 30ft long and 7ft high, thanks to our wonderful props manager John Molden!
"REMEMBERING CHRISTmas" - December 2009
The first half was a concert performance of Roger Jones' "The Inn Crowd"
and the second half featured a variety of Christmas music old and new.
"Prince of Peace" - June 2009
This was a completely 'home-grown' musical, written by three members of WICS: Paul Herrington (our Musical Director), David Holme and Guy James. For further details please see the 'Prince of Peace' page and the Photo Gallery.
"Rock" by Roger Jones - March 2009
We provided the backing choir for the touring version of Roger Jones's latest musical 'Rock' - telling the story of Simon Peter, his tragedies and his triumphs. We had a choir of nearly 50 - including 12 men! - and 450 people attended two performances at Wood Green School.
"Rumours of Angels" by Graham Kendrick - December 2008
We performed "Rumours of Angels" by Graham Kendrick: the performance also included five songs by Michael Card, three sketches by our drama group, solo dances and a children's singing group.
The presentation took place in Witney on a Saturday and was repeated in Abingdon on the following Sunday.
"From Pharaoh to Freedom" by Roger Jones - June 2008
This musical tells the story of the flight of the Jews from Egypt following the plagues and the first Passover, and links with the Last Supper and crucifixion of Jesus, which can bring true freedom to everyone. Again, eight people from the choir performed the drama - with Tod Fairfield playing the role of Pharaoh, and Phil Levermore giving a moving portrayal of Jesus.
"Cargo" by Paul Field - March 2008
We provided the backing choir for Paul Field and two other singers in his musical commemorating the 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery, which focused also on the ongoing traffic in human lives today.
"The Real Story of Christmas" - December 2007
This was an 'all-local' production, based on sketches written by Rod Cleasby, a Witney businessman, giving a modern portrayal of the nativity story, and interspersed with a wide variety of Christmas songs from the choir - varying from Handel to Rutter to Kendrick & Redman! There was also some dance, and a children's group who sang three songs. In total, around 90 people were involved with this production.
"Greater than Gold" by Roger Jones - June 2007
This musical tells the well-known story of Mary Jones and her Bible.
The drama was performed by ten members of the choir, starring Daisy Trinder as 'Mary'.
"The Gift" by Graham Kendrick - December 2006-
We performed many songs from "The Gift", complemented by a number of sketches and poems, plus children's dance and songs, etc.
We also performed this event at a church in Crowborough, East Sussex, in December 2007!
"Jailbreak" by Roger Jones - March 2006 -
WICS 'inaugural' event. We provided the backing choir for Roger Jones's touring version of his latest musical, the story of Paul and Silas in Philippi.