A Brand New Musical written
by Paul Herrington, David Holme and Guy James
of Witney Inter-Church Singers

The Background
In early 2006 Paul Herrington, the Musical Director of WICS, was struck by references in the media to the Prince of Darkness and he suggested to David Holme, a member of the choir, that it would be good to write a musical to counter this on the subject of the ‘Prince of Peace’. And so began a three-year journey. David worked his way through the theme of peace in the Old and New Testaments and wrote a total of ten poems which Paul started setting to music.
In 2007 Guy James became involved by composing music for some of the songs – his first experience of such things! The decision was made in the summer of 2008 to bring everything together with a view to production in summer 2009. Guy then started to write a drama script, Paul composed new tunes to two existing hymns, and much work was done on the computer to complete the vocal arrangements. Paul subsequently also composed all the orchestral arrangements. All in all, hundreds of hours of work went into this project before choir and drama rehearsals started in late April ready for the ‘world premičre’ on 27 June 2009!

The ‘World Premičre’
(Click the "Photo Gallery" link above for some photographs taken in rehearsal and during the performance.)
WICS performed Prince of Peace for the first time on Saturday, 27 June 2009 in High Street Methodist Church, Witney, and then again the following evening in Peachcroft Christian Centre, Abingdon. There was a choir of 28, a cast of seven, plus fifteen children involved in two tableaux and a song, and five teenagers in a mime and a rap song. We performed to an audience of approximately 170 people at Witney – not bad for a musical by ‘unknown’ composers! The production was extremely well received and we had many enquiries and suggestions about future use of the musical, the most frequent comment being, “It’s far too good only to be performed once!”

The Future
We are keen to make this musical available to a wider audience, and therefore some sample extracts are available HERE.
These include:

  • a synopsis of the story and a cast list;
  • a couple of pages from the start of the drama script;
  • sample pages of three songs from the score. We shortly hope to add a few audio clips also.

    If you are interested in performing 'Prince of Peace', then please contact the Choir Administrator: . We will be pleased to send you attached versions of the script (a Word document) and the score (in PDF format).

    Also available, if required, are full orchestrations for 12 instruments: Violin 1&2, Cello, Flute 1&2, Trumpet 1&2, Alto Sax, Clarinet, Bass Guitar, Drums, Piano.